If you only offer Amazon vouchers, you'll only get Amazon fans.

Get unbiased user research participants and save time on admin, by offering many different vouchers in one go.

How does Thank You Codes work?

Enter participant emails, and how much each should receive.

Pay by card, or send the payment link to someone that has a company card.

We'll email your participants with a list of vouchers to choose from.

Why do researchers love Thank You Codes?

Reduce Bias

A wide range of incentives appeal to everyone, not just Amazon fans. This reduces bias, and makes it easier to attract participants.

Privacy first

We automatically delete all participant information 30 days after they choose a voucher, or 6 months if they never do. You care about privacy, and we do too.

Completely free

You only pay the value of the vouchers, we charge absolutely nothing extra. We make money through buying in bulk, and reselling unspent vouchers.

Internationally easy

You only need to know the participant's currency. No more faffing between .fr, .de, and .es. We'll handle all the complexity.

Simple to use

You just need to know the participant email address, and pay by card. No fuss, even less muss.

Full tracking

You can see your participants' reward links, and when they've chosen something. Just in case they need help, it's very easy to give.

No admin required

We take care of everything, so you don't need to do any admin. You just need to tell us who to send the vouchers to.

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